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​Performing and interpreting ultrasound consists of a very large learning curve. It takes years of intensive practice to feel comfortable scanning and interpreting. Ultrasound is heavily dependent on the scanner to interrogate each organ thoroughly and to rule out pathology. Below are just some of the benefits for using our mobile service!

The ultrasound will be performed at your clinic as a mobile service, eliminating the need of referring your patient to another clinic. This provides your clients with stress-free travel and the comfort of staying with their trusted staff and clinic.

Just like in human medicine, veterinary ultrasound is just as important and beneficial. Ultrasound can aid in diagnosing many cases in which x-rays and bloodwork alone cannot.


Online booking system allows you to see available days and times allowing you to book an appointment while on the phone with the client.


No need to invest in expensive equipment and years of expensive out of town courses/training.


Each exam will be performed by a highly trained sonographer and  will be sent to a board certified veterinary radiologist who will then interpret and report each study.


As the veterinarian, you can continue with your daily appointments and do not need to be in the room for the exam.

Ultrasound can greatly increase diagnostic efficiency in your practice translating into better care for your patients.


To receive a copy of our ultrasound prices, please e-mail us at You may also click here to have access to our fee page. First time users will need to create a member log-in/password to access.

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